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Ah, shit. What can I say about myself? I contribute to a few amazing projects, so here’s what I’ve done/am currently doing in each.


2009Scape is an open-source archival of the RuneScape revision 530 building a server and client around the RS 530 cache.

Right now, I’m just a contributor to the project, though I have much higher goals here. Currently focusing on mining-related fixes and a mostly-complete rewrite of the magic system. Many thanks go to Ceikry for continually assisting me with my code, along with patience as I use the project to learn Kotlin.

You can find the project at their website or their community Discord server, or alternatively their Matrix for the FOSS-conscious among you.

You can find my fork of the project here on my GitLab.

The Long Dark

I’m a modder, focusing on small, simple mods. I’ve recently become the new maintainer of one of ds5678’s previous projects. The only donations I accept are for this project.


You can find a central repository for all The Long Dark mods on the TLD Mod List. You can also find the modding community on the The Long Dark Modding discord, along with a guide to modding on the very informative wiki.

You can find my projects on GitHub: