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Adds a block-based-game-like username box above player’s heads. Download it here.


Adds a global right-click option to reload all plugins. Download it here.

Reflections on the Project and the Importance of Pacing

I’m going to start by saying the project is amazing. They can be found on their website. This article contains experiences and emotions I’ve felt over my time here.

I stumbled on 2009Scape while looking for an open-source RuneScape project. Originally, I was planning on creating a private server for me and a few friends, but after poking around the community, I decided to start contributing to the project.

In March 2022, I tackled my first issue report, #101. It was simple, minor JSON edits regarding the health of level 14 wolves. This was my descent into madness.

I was lucky enough to have a few developers take a liking to me - but I think the person who helped me most was Ceikry. This weird alien looking mf has stuck by me, dealt with my bumbling around not understanding code, and he’s still teaching me more and more. Zandar Horfyre’s dialogue was the first Kotlin implementation of an outdated Java dialogue file. This one was… okay. At the time I’m writing this entry, I’m currently working on the rewrite of all spells available to players. I really have no clue how I came this far.

A while in, I realized I was a bit sensitive on the topic of my mistakes. Ceikry and Ryan helped me realize this was only a symptom of my insecurities as a programmer - though anxiety can get in the way sometimes, it seems as though the experience made me stronger.

The importance of pacing when contributing to a recreational project is paramount. I made more mistakes and felt more on-edge when I tried to rush things based on self-imposed deadlines as I felt I had a responsibility to the project and those who play on the server. We’re here because we want to be, not because we have to be. You shouldn’t have to burn yourself out just because you think “it’s my responsibility”. Nothing but the effects of the code you write or the things you do in-game are your responsibility.

The community is an incredible gang of misfits and malcontents dedicated to the authentic archival of RuneScape Revision 530. Though some can be cunts sometimes - I’m all the better for it. It’s better to talk problems through with people - oftentimes our minds play tricks on us.

And remember - if a friend group drops you before trying to talk things out with you, they aren’t one.